Imagine the day you get to know that you or your wife is going to become a mother. The joy that news that a new family member is about to come to the family is something that certain parent s cherish forever. Since the day this new member arrives to your family your roles change and your responsibilities become high. All you want to become since the birth of the new child is to become a good parent for him/her and make him/her proceed in life successfully. Following are certain guidelines that are needed for you to become a good parent.
Spare time
Time is one of the precious gifts you can give your child as a parent. The affection, love, warmth and care of a parent are most necessary things for a child. The amount of time you spend with child will determine how close you will be to your child and if you want to be a good parent you need to be available whenever your child needs you. You should never miss out a milestone of your child’s life and you need to try as much as possible to get a relief from your busy schedules and make your child feel that he or she is your priority.
Good guidance
A good parent need to be mindful about the knowledge and experience that is gathered by their child during the childhood. Most of the things are grasped by the children from the society they live. Even though you have a busy schedule to follow each day you need to make sure your child is spending time productively and under good guidance and supervision.

There are childcare centers where children can spend their day time with other children of their age and under the guidance and supervision of qualified teachers. Attention given to a child is also very important no matter how busy you are and if you are unavailable you need to assign someone else do the task for you.
Understand and Respect
Understanding the child and respecting him/ her is also part of being a good parent. It is a known fact that the respect we receive from someone depends on the respect we grant them. This theory applies to the child-parent relationship as well. Understanding the child’s needs wishes aspirations in the child’s perspective and guiding him or her is also necessary if you want your child to openly communicate things with you. The more you misunderstand your child the more reserved your child will be and that is not a sign of good parenting.