Exercising is not enough to lose weight, you need to control your diet, too. Now, this does not mean skipping meals or puking your meals out. It means substituting the bad food in your diet, like French fries and jerky, with healthy and organic fresh veggies, fruits and meat. Here are some fully organic meals for dieters out there:
1. Minimalist Soup
One of the best chicken recipe ideas out there right now is the minimalist soup, with or without meat. Throw in some organic carrots, onions, fresh basil leaves, and tomatoes if you like into a pot. Buy free range hormone free chicken and cut the meat into cubes and add to the pot. Add salt and some saffron and bring to a boil. Now you have a quick and nutritious soup to keep you warm on cold nights. You can skim the fat from the top after it’s done if you prefer.
2. Salad with Quinoa
Mix fresh, organically grown greens and tomatoes with some boiled quinoa for a full and healthy meal. You can add some homemade cottage or feta cheese to extra flavor and added nutrition. Since you are on a diet, it’s best to avoid calorie-rich dressing. However, greens need oils for dissolve the vitamins in them during digestion. Therefore, sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on the greens. Be careful not to add too much.
3. Boiled Wild Rice with Meat and Veggies
Make a healthy, protein and vitamin rich lunch with boiled wild rice, which has more complex carbohydrates than white rice, and a mix of meat and veggies boiled in saffron water. You can use the same ingredients as in the best chicken recipe if you like. It won’t have the same complex tastes of rice and actual curry, but it will be filling and full of natural flavors.

4. Legume Cereal
Everyone knows by now that the cereal boxes at the store are full of sugars and are unhealthy despite what the labels proclaim. You can make yourself a healthy and protein-rich cereal with legumes each morning. Legumes are types of beans like peas, chickpeas, soybeans, black beans, red beans and so on. Pick one type of legume, or mix two or more, after boiling. Now, add nuts and fruits as you like to the boiled legumes as you would to a real cereal. The only thing you don’t add is milk. You can sprinkle some raw honey on it if you like, and you have a nice and delicious cereal.
Use the above recipes for your meals to lose weight in a more healthy manner. Click this link http://www.sadia.com.hk/en/recipes/crispy-chicken-wings-red-fermented-bean-curd for more information about how to cook chicken wing in Hong Kong.