If you’ve been invited for a baby shower for the very first time, we can understand your gift related confusions very well. After all, it’s a party that celebrates both the expecting mama as well as the unborn baby. It can be simple enough if you know the mom-to-be. But if you know her simply as a neighbor or a co-worker, then selecting the perfect gift can be a little tricky.
Because we understand that this is a dilemma most of go through at least once in our life time, we’ve put together a few gift suggestions and tips when it comes to buying gifts for baby showers. Hopefully, they’ll help to clear your confusions, and look forwards to having fun at the party.
Start at the baby; the most obvious focusBuying gifts for babies can be a lot more fun than you think! As toy store in Singapore and baby shops seem to be everywhere now-a-days, getting hold of something you like won’t be a problem at all. Toys are an obvious gift. Soft toys, clutch toys, rattles, teething toys; these are all great options for newborns and infants. On the other hand, if you don’t know the sex of the baby you’re shopping for, it’s better to select clothes that have unisex designs and colors. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to choose from!
For the baby’s mama…the woman who’s literally carrying the weight!If your trip to the toy shop proved to be uninspiring, or if you couldn’t find the gift that hits the right note, perhaps you’re shopping for the wrong person. Focus instead on the baby’s mama. We all know carrying a baby is no walk in the beach. Apart from having to deal with the changes of their body and mood swings, most first time moms are wracked with fear of the future. Gifts that help them relax and have fun are very thoughtful. Vouchers for spas and saloons, maternity clothing, a book you know they’d enjoy, an iPod or mp3 player filled with soothing music are all great gift ideas that tell the expecting mama that they are as special as the baby everyone else it focused on.
For the parents; it is a joint effort after allAre you a friend of both the baby’s parents? Do you feel like excluding the baby’s dad from the gift is just a little unfair? If you do, then select a gift that they’d both enjoy and benefit from. If you like the spa voucher idea, look for a spa that allow couples. If you feel they’d both enjoy a date at a restaurant, then arrange that for them. If you want something a little tangible, then consider getting the parents a baby monitor. A high quality one will help them hear their baby even when they’re not physically around them; giving them the freedom and possibility to spend a little time for themselves after the baby arrives. Other things like prams, bottle warmers and baby car seats also make great gifts as they help the new parents out in the future.