More and more individuals are looking to flexible working opportunities away from regular office hours and also traffic. There is an increase in the amount of population opting for freelance work as well. If you visit a coffee shop, you will see individuals working on their laptops and making a living.

So if you are aspiring to start your own freelance business or if you are hoping to work in a more flexible manner then you would have looked at the options available in coworking offices. If you are new to this form of work, then the guide below will no doubt help in making your decision.

The concept

Remote working facilities or centers equip individuals or groups from various professional backgrounds to work together and interact with each other. Some centers are membership based where you would be able to join group of like minded individuals and work together. Some would only provide amnesties such as wifi, tables and chairs and a pleasant space to carry out your work in freedom.

The people

This is one of the main benefits of working in a virtual office Kuala Lumpur; the people you meet and get to interact with. Many of these spaces would have like minded professionals that can work in one environment with no politics and competition. As a sense of community prevails in most of these spaces you will find that the individuals are more helpful and enjoyable to work with.

The types of people you are likely to find are artists, writers, accountants, photographers & IT professionals to name a few.


Since the atmosphere in these places is more relaxed, you will find work more fulfilling and enjoyable. Since the time and the pace of work is set by you, you will greatly benefit from having the ability to separate and also balance work from home in a better manner. For freelancers facilities such as these provide necessary discipline and structure they may not find if they are working from home.

What to look for

So if you have decided to take the plunge, here are a few things you need to consider. Each space and facility will differ so you need to find one that matches your requirement and personality.

  • Therefore check about the noise and surroundings distractions.
  • Check if there are meeting room facilities you can use
  • Most importantly find out the payment options; check to see if they are membership based or not.
  • Is the space community based with events and interactive gathering of the members
  • Visit the space to see the design and layout. Find out about the seating arrangements and the table space provided.

Now that you know a bit about this concept and what to look for, you need not worry any longer about making the change for a better and a more productive you in this New Year.