When the Western world colonised the rest of the planet, they helped spread the belief that Western medicine was the most effective and only reliable system of healing in the world. While western medication may be effective and fast-acting, it is not the only system, nor the only system, that can bring relief to patients. In fact, the world is now experiencing a paradigm shift where people are once again turning towards traditional systems of healing and medicine that do not have the chemical side effects brought on by pills and capsules.

Chinese Healing
Being such a large country, China has various differing disciplines, all over 500 years old and mostly using natural remedies. Acupuncture for instance was derived in China and used to effectively treat everything from headaches to heart failure. Even today, it is available in most country and has even proved to be effective in dermatitis treatment. While there are many different techniques to it, suction, acupuncture, herbal remedies and medication are all used in Chinese healing. The operating principle is the philosophy of Yin Yang and balance in all elements of the body.

Ayurveda Medicine
This is mostly practiced in South Asia and is known for prescribing foul smelling tonics, tinctures and powders. However, all remedies are made of indigenous herbs and have very little side effects. Today, many people still go to a traditional medicine man/woman for pains and aches, wounds, and kin problems because psoriasis treatment in Singapore has proven effective in Ayurveda. The governing principle in Ayurveda is that there are 4 ‘humours’ in the body that needs to remain in balance; when one goes out of balance, then various ailments occur. In order to heal patients, practitioners assign strict diets and herbal remedies including plasters made of herbs.

Faith Healing
This is among the more controversial forms of healing, simply because the more extreme followers of faith healing do not take any medication whatsoever, even if their sickness can be cured by certain drugs. Milder forms of faith healings include praying for recovery, sending ‘healing energy’ towards a chosen individual and communal empathy. While there is no hard science to back it up, there are numerous cases of people recovering from illnesses as serious as cancer after attending meetings where they experience faith healing. So it is quite possible that faith healing works in ways that we simply have not managed to quantify yet.

Thus, Western medicine no longer lords above everyone as the only power that can heal us; many other traditional forms of healing, that have long been suppressed, are now raising their heads too. May we all enjoy long life and health and happiness!