Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing, or CAD/CAM are two of the most famous and useful processes in engineering world. As we move forward with millions of inventions, these processes and methods also updates themselves making endless possibilities. There are skilled and experienced companies as well as professional individuals out there who excels at computer aided designing. However, it is common to see these professionals too, make mistakes. So if you are a beginner you will definitely make heaps of mistakes before mastering these creation methods. But it is always better to know about common mistakes, so that you can learn from them. Also if you are a professional in this field, you can avoid making these mistakes to become better.

Material guidelines

First and most common mistake most people make is ignoring guidelines related to materials which are originally created by manufacturers. When it comes to 3 dimensional printing and designing, one should know that each and every material is different from one another. For instance, you can’t use materials that you use for common printing to print custom fit metal parts. You have to use some metallic material for that purpose. Every material has different properties such as strength, brittleness, melting points etc. and ignoring these properties will make your whole design invaluable or even impossible.

Printing technology

Choosing the correct material alone will not make you a pro, unfortunately. You have to have a good and a comprehensive knowledge about different printing technologies involved with different materials. For instance deposition modeling, laser sintering, lost wax casting and stereo-lithography are different technologies used with different materials such as resin, precious metals, ABS etc. and you should study these before start CAD/CAM processes. These technologies will determine interlocking or setting properties of a final product.

Wall thickness

One of the most important parameters in 3D printers is wall thickness. When you create something using a CAD software, you can set all these parameters and they play an important role in final product. This is vital when it comes to metal printing in Singapore. Metallic components will take specific times to heal and wall thickness will determine final quality of those products. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, make sure to keep this factor in mind.

Making mistakes is common but as you move forward, you have to avoid them and learn from them. Mastering CAD or CAM processes takes time, of course but if you are enthusiastic enough that time will be an investment. Make sure to check other professional companies through their websites to get a good idea about this field before getting in to it.