The old timers all agree that having actual shops to go into and browsing around in the aisles was the best part of shopping. While that experience may never quite go away, the younger generations equally agree that having at least a part of your store online helps in many ways too. Most people today need to set aside time to go shopping; if there is an emergency like ordering a pie because there will be guests for dinner, you are screwed. This is where online ordering comes in. Here is a look at how and why even bakeries now take their business onto the internet.

“I Want It Yesterday”
Any individual born after or around the millennium is one impatient individual. This is because he/she grew up in a world where everything was measured by speed. How fast can your car go? How fast can you write or type? How fast is your internet connection? They want things done, and they want it done NOW. So they have no patience for old fashioned bakeries that require a weeks’ worth of advance notice to deliver on a chocolate cake in Singapore that these young ones want to eat for dessert tonight. When service is available online, they can order it instantaneously and even track its movements until it arrives at their door. It is also easier for the bakery as they receive the order spontaneously and can get to it immediately.

“What Do You Mean, You Didn’t Hear That?”
Accuracy is part and parcel of the information era. One of the problems of placing an order via the telephone is that thanks to sketchy connections and different accents, sometimes there is a miscommunication and a different order is written down. By taking things digital, customers can order accurately and quickly via auto-fill forms which generate an order sheet full of all the necessary info for the baker to work his magic and make the apple or pineapple tarts the customer has ordered. Not only does this cut down on any confusion, it also saves the proprietor money (as they would have to refund the irate customer or make a fresh batch of goods) and the customer effort (of pointing out to the baker that the order was taken down wrong).

“What Is Your Location?”
Time was when people did not stray from their local baker. Now, thanks to the internet, people order in food from all over the place. Just like folks living inland have lobster and other seafood flown in, you can use the online platform to order some baked good that is better over in the other part of town that in your local store. The best part of the deal is that the internet can be anonymous so you can always make an order and have it delivered without your nosy neighbours figuring out that you were putting one over on the local baker.