When you move to a new place, the whole environment is different and the people are different and sometimes you end up thinking that the very air you breath is different (not the air but the things in the air are in different levels of course). But one of the things that you might not want to end up as is an annoying neighbor who becomes the neighborhood joke with the locals.

● Get your packing right

While most us think that we should pack enough to suit a trip like transfering back to UK from Dubai, it does not mean so for every moving process you do. Most of the time packing light is the best course of action unless you want to end up with too many clothes and too little space in your new closet. Just get enough clothes (around two or three sets per season) and then buy clothes at the new place to suit the trends of that country. You can make some cash out of your old things by doing a garage sale or just give it off to charity for someone else to benefit from it.

● Go early

Arriving early at your destination will give you time to deal with cultural shock and also provide enough time for your gut bacteria to get used to the new food types. You do not want to spend your first day at work in the new county office seated at the toilet. If you do not know anyone at the new place, then attend socializing events even if you do not want to. You will need their help and cooperation to work and going for a dinner or hitting the bar once or twice will not end up ruining you.

● New things are being open

You will have to be open to get used to the new environment. There will be people in your personal bubble, food that you are not used to or don’t like, things that are too glaring or weird, and also the language. You will have to get used to the cultural norms of the country; ‘when in Rome, do as Romans do’ should be your new motto. While moving back to UK from Dubai could be your newest goal when you arrive at the new place (especially the first few weeks), it should not be your driving force of mind as it will negatively impact everything you think of about the new country.

Learning the language will be one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are past your high school age. But it is one of the essential things to do at a new place to understand and communicate properly.

Mingle with the locals and attend local events to get to know the culture of the area you are living in. See this link http://www.alliedpickfords.ae/ for more information about moving companies in Dubai.