Too often we find ourselves dreading our get-togethers. While this may be especially true when it comes to family, it’s sometimes true when it comes to friends too. The reason? Is that we keep doing the same old activities; and spending a ridiculous amount while doing it. Here are our tips on how to have fun with your friends, without spending excessively.

Don’t make it all about the food Without a doubt, food works as a “ice breaker” in many occasions. More often than not, many of us are used to using food as the center of our get-togethers; resulting in us choosing restaurants and diners to hang out at. That’s not always going to be budget friendly soup. Instead, think of the food as a minor part of the get-together. For example, instead of a movie and a meal at a restaurant, you can can hang out at a friend’s place (or yours, for that matter), have a movie/series marathon and have fun while slurping on some low fat instant soup (depending on the weather, of course!).

Choose a location you don’t have to pay for If all your get-togethers are not planned around food, then it might most probably be planned around expensive locations. But just like you can work around the food, you can work around the location too. From beaches to amusement parks to even your old school play ground, there are many free options to choose from. It’s perfectly alright if you want to send a little on tickets getting somewhere. But make sure that the rest of the get-together is not planned around spending too.

Have a variety in your entertainment How often do you find yourselves doing the same old boring things when you get-together? When was the last time you took a chance, and tried something new? The greatest part is, you can always try something new without having to spend excessively. Have a cook night with oriental instant noodles in UK as the main ingredient, try karaoke as a group. If you want to try something completely different; go watch a children’s sport being played together. Cheer for a team you’ve never heard of before or for your old school’s team.

Don’t hesitate to turn things a little childish The biggest tip to have fun with your friends without spending excessively? It’s an easy one. Simply bring out your inner children. Have fun without having high expectations. Enjoy the moment, and create fun where there is nothing. Never think yourselves too old to do something; even riding the merry-go-round at the carnivals! You might get a few looks, but does it matter? You’re with your friends, and you are having fun together…isn’t that what matters more…?