Moving into the city from a small town can be a new and exciting experience for you. However, it may not be a roller-coaster ride in the first few months. Getting to know your surroundings and neighbours, making new friends, creating better social networks etc. can be daunting. So here are some tips for you to follow to survive the city life.

1. Have a map at close reachYou could download a map-app so that you could easily refer it whenever needed. A map is an essential since you need to get around the city but do not know the whereabouts. Take a few minutes before you leave home to know exactly where you want to go and identify the pathway you’ll have to take. Stepping onto the road clueless can be disadvantageous and dangerous since muggers, kidnappers could easily take you anywhere. It is always better to know your way around.

2. Avoid rush hoursOne good thing about cities is the ubiquitous public transport system. However, during the rush hours i.e. 6am-10am and 5pm-8pm, they can get less efficient. More people on buses and trains means more time it will be taken and hence carefully plan for such situations. Your boss or college lecturer may stop taking transport issues as an excuse for being late.

3. Spend your money wiselyYou will of course be tempted to spend your money on all those branded clothes, handbags and high-end restaurants. However, you need to mindful about how you spend your money. Plan-out your month’s expenses and try to stick to it. This does not mean you should not treat yourself at all, but have a limit. Look for easy and inexpensive commodity options such as instant noodles in UAE, thrift shops etc.

4. Expand your horizonsYou are in a new city and there is so much more to explore. If you were a reserved person back at home with very few friends and extra activities, it’s time to climb out of your nutshell. Try out some new things such as joining an art class, a ballet class, a cookery class or anything of your liking. Those cooking lessons will come in handy, especially since you need to prepare your own meals now. You cannot live off gluten free noodles and other delicious cup noodles forever, can you?

5. Prepare yourself for all weathersCities are known to have unexpected weather conditions all the time. One instant it’s sunny and next thing you know, it starts pouring cats and dogs. So be prepared of all sorts of clothes that could keep you warm and dry during winter and light clothes to keep you away from the hot summers.