In modern times, manners are very different from what we as children learnt. Manners and polite conversation skills usually differ from age to age and from one person to another as well. But the basic skills of making sure not to offend anyone right when they open their mouth is critical to make sure that they survive in this world and live a good life. Usually you learn manners from your parents and imitate them to develop your own versions. Having rules in the household is something that most parents adopt to make their child get used to proper manners.

Walk the talk

The critical point for your child to learn proper manners is by doing it yourself. Although you may not notice or forget during times, your child likes to watch you like a hawk and do what you are doing. So if you treat some people in a particular way, your child will be most likely to do the same when they are dealing with these people as well. Your conversation skills will be copied along with catch phrases and curse words. The best way to make sure that your kid behaves politely is to be what you want your child to become.

Checking the curriculum at best nursery schools in Singapore

Preschool education is also one of the best methods for your kid to learn proper manners. Usually all kindergartens have their own rules and the kids usually abide by them as a group. So it is a good idea to meet and talk to your child’s teacher as well so that you know someone your child is taking tips from for developing their habits. A good preschool teacher who is soft spoken and kind will usually get their child to be the same if they utilize an effective teaching method.

Be consistent in what the child is exposed to

Having too many stimuli can be too confusing to your child. So try to keep the different adult figures limited to yourself and those at the kindergarten. If your child tries to imitate people they are exposed to regularly then they will have different mannerisms integrated to their development. While socializing is a good thing for your child, do it after your child has somewhat developed their personality so that they are not influenced easily.

Both parents must have the same manners running; or one parent must give into the other when putting up rules. Your child will get confused if you tell them to eat the vegetables and your spouse doesn’t care if they eat it or not. Both parents must say the same thing to the child in order for them comprehend it as something that is to be done regardless.