If you have recently started your own business you will need to think about how you are going to start marketing your business. Of course you can start marketing online through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram however you will also need to meet people in person and give them your flyers, booklet with information regard your service or product and of course your business card. Click this link http://finmarklaser.com/product_type/welding/ for more information about welding equipment Singapore.

Business card designing and printing

Your business card is very important to your business as it is often the first impression that a customer or a potential customer will have when they meet you. Sadly many businesses do not realize the importance of a business card and will do a basic card at the office and have laser cutting done once they have printed it at their home. However, it is important to have your business card designed professionally so that the moment that your customer or your potential customer sees your card they will realize that your business is a dynamic and interesting business because first impressions are that important.

You will need to hire a professional designer or have one of your own talented designers at your office design eye catching colorful business card that you will have to take to a laser cutting printing outlet to have cut. It is advisable to do something done that others have not done. Choose a shape or a design that is not common for a business card and represents your business completely. Look online at some of the other companies that have done creative business cards and attempt to draw inspiration from them without copying their work.

You may choose to have your business card in a shape that is not the regular rectangular shape used by most companies. However, it is important to make sure that irrespective of the shape of your business card its fit into a business card holder and therefore that the shape fit into a three and a half by two rectangular shape business card holder. If you do not do this, they may simply leave it on their table and lose it at some point. Choose to have your business cards printed in bright and vivid eye catching colors as this is likely to make your company’s business cards stand out among all the other business cards that are in your client or your potential clients business card holder and therefore if he ever has any it is your card that will jump out at him before any other card does.