Staff retention is not just important, it is crucial to the success of an organization in the long run. Most organizations lose really good staff not because they have an issue with their workload most of the time, but because they feel that are not appreciated enough for their contribution. The needs of your staff are ones that go beyond simple finances for one reason. They are human. They like to feel respected, involved and appreciated. So here are some great tips to retain and form loyal and good staff members and have a serious cut down on your labour turnover.

Give them the motivation they deserve
Nobody will give their fullest dedication to anything if they lack the motivation to do so. Over time if your workers do not feel motivated enough there will be loss of loyalty. Staff members talk and they talk a lot especially if they are disgruntled at their boss or company. The last thing you need is a bad reputation that your organization does not treat its staff well. In order to keep them motivated financially, you may not be able to always give them a pay hike. Instead opt to organize various employee incentives such as parties, dinner outs with the team, free drinks and the likes and bonuses so that the members of your staff feel motivated to receive these perks and work at their best.

Respect their opinions and keep them involved
Involving workers and their opinions in the works of the organization is a great way of how to improve employee engagement. This is really important if you want them to maintain a sense of ownership in their work. On the requirements for a suitable candidate when you advertise for recruitment, you will state that you need an individual who will have a sense of ownership. In order for them to have this, you need to show them that are a vital component that matters to the overall life of your business. Involve them in the important meetings, once in a while take feedback from them and value their opinions.

Be flexible
Gone are the times when workers would stick to one job no matter what. The job market today is a broader one with a lot scope and variety and if employees feel dissatisfied they will simply move on to a different job. One major issue that brings down many employer-worker relationships is the lack of flexibility on the part of the management. This does not mean that you agree to a pay raise each month or give them leave three days a week or tolerate daily late attendances. It just means that if a hardworking and loyal member puts through a request in a time of genuine need such as asking for leave for their daughter’s hospitalization, consider giving it. You will be a boss very much loved and respected with a really happy staff.