Many young people imagine that moving their entire lives to a new country across the world many miles away from home will solve all of their problems including their family problems, their work and business problems and most importantly their financial problems. However this cannot be further from the truth because people who have moved their lives to another country will usually tell you that they regret this decision and it is a very small percentage of people who will find instant success in a completely unknown land. Unless you have a strong, unfailing plan to back you up, it is important that you stay put and think about your decision very strongly before taking the plunge.

Racial issues and discriminationYou may have an international mover to move all of your belongings across the world after you have paid them a massive amount of money from your savings leaving you with almost nothing to fall back on. This is, believe it or not, the easy part. You are likely to find out a little too late that in almost any country in the world in workplaces, companies and even government servants who are supposed to give you free services, will always favor people from their own country and you are more than likely to be treated like a second class citizen irrespective of your qualifications and level of education. If you are a person of color, the chances of this happening will increase significantly if you were moving to a country that is predominantly white.

International household shipping can cost a lot of money which means that you are unlikely to have a lot of savings in your bank account when you have moved to your new destination. This means that you will be in a very tight financial situation and having to face severe racial discrimination at a time like this can drive you to have many psychological problems.

The truth is the grass is not greener on the other side but in fact you are most likely to have it extremely good in your own country even though you do not see at this particular moment. Most people will assess a situation based solely on the monthly salary that they will receive however they do not analyze the cost of living and the many expenses and taxes that they will have to pay in the new country that they have moved to which will leave them with little to no savings for at least a minimum of one year.