Being different is no more considered weird. Thinking in a different way doesn’t make you an outcast in the society. In fact, perceptions have turned around so much that people embrace those who think in a different manner. Those who can look at things in a manner not similar to the way it’s looked at every day. These people are considered assets because they have an edge over those who don’t have the ability.

Where you need them the most
These people are really important when it comes to industries such as entertainment, marketing, and photography. Be it a movie that is presented differently or even if it’s just executive headshot photography that has been taken in a different angle, using a different lens and different lighting, they have the ability to create an impact greater than those that are shown to us in the same old boring styles. These out of the box ideas grab our attention and make us ponder over them for a minute even at the most busiest of times in our lives.

How to develop the skill
Developing a creative eye is all about looking at things with a fresh perspective with a personal touch rather than in the same old boring way. For example when it comes to photography an industrial photographer in Hong Kong doesn’t become one the day he buys his first camera. He starts off just like all the other photographers by taking pictures of things like places and people around him. repeatedly you continue taking pictures and once it seems like you are continuously clicking away at the same things that when a sense of dullness sets in. this is the point when individuals look to draw on some inspiration and try to look at their photographic subjects in a different point of view and portray them in a way no one has seen them before.

The trick lies in getting rid of the pre-conceived ideas that we have in our heads regarding what something should look like or how something is done.

We have to look at the world with innocence like how children look at the things around them. And try to wonder what would have gone through their minds when they looked at something. Looking for pictures within pictures or a story within a story is another ability that we have to develop if we are looking to have a creative eye.

So whether we want to see the world at face value for what it is or you want to dig deeper and explore the secrets that are hidden to the naked eye, you need to start from scratch. Practice makes perfect and once you have perfected the art of creative vision then it’s time for you to concentrate on capturing those stunning images.