If you ask us, the toughest part about decorating and creating the perfect children’s room; is being and thinking like the adults. More often than not, parents get swept up by their child’s enthusiasm and excitement; and end up decorating their “dream bedroom” impractically. Harder still, is quietening their own childhood dreams. But despite how challenging it is, creating the perfect dream bedroom for children is not an impossible task. Here are a few of our tips for doing so.
Have the talk with your childAnd for once, it won’t be a difficult thing to do. Most probably, you’ll even enjoy talking to them about their dream room. Of course, it’s up to you to choose which parts of their described room you should actually use. The most important thing to remember is that their dream room may change in a short few months. So, it’s important that you think carefully before making your permanent choices.
Know the correct extent of being the adultLike we mentioned earlier, this is the hardest part. While it’s true that you should keep your child’s ideas in mind, it’s also important that you think of it as an adult. Take their suggestion for the theme or even the color. In fact, you can help your child pick out paint and prints for the qualified painting contractor in Singapore to work with. But you make the choice on furniture and decorations. This way, you can pick out furniture that can be used; even in the next ten years.
Take all parts of the room into considerationSelecting themes and hiring painting services that provides roof coating alone will not get you your dream bedroom. To make it perfect, you need to take all parts of the bedroom into consideration. This means you pay attention to not only the walls, but the floors and the ceiling too. In fact, the right kind of decorations can make your child’s bedroom instantly more interesting and exciting.
Everything in their room should generate funThe most successful of children’s bedrooms, are those that generate fun and excitement on all ends. Be it the decorations or the numerous storage options, or even the seating options in their rooms; everything should be able to transform into a toy when necessary. For example, if your child loves camping and wants that to be included into their theme; then a tent will be a great way to bring out the theme. To give it multi-purpose, install floor pillows in it— instantly making it the perfect spot to curl up with a book!