Excess oil glands are the primary cause behind the problem of having oily skin. Oily skin may lead to pimples. Pimples may generally appear in any part of the skin. Generally the face, neck, shoulders and the back are common areas where they appear. Having an oily skin can make a person feel miserable.

So when it comes to getting rid of the oil in the skin, steam is a wonderful method which could be used. It helps get rid of oils, bacteria and the dirt which can be trapped in the pores and this could lead to infection and the cause of acne. If that happens you might have to go through an acne scar removal in Singapore process to get rid of it.

Another mode which could be used to get rid of pimples is lemon juice. Because lemon is rich in vitamin C it helps pimples dry faster. There may be instances where you get pimples all over your chin and you end up breaking them and this might in the process end up damaging your chin. During moments like this it’s always good to go for chin fillers so that no one really notices on what actually happened. But it’s always better to talk to a professional and get the treatment done so that you might not end up with side effects.

If both lemon and steam does not work for you, you can turn towards ice. Ice could be used to quickly get rid of the redness and the inflammation of the pimples. This will also help to improve the blood circulation to the affected areas. The entire ice cube could be placed on the area of the pimple, or you could use crushed ice. It always depends on what is more convenient.

If the above methods don’t work you could always turn towards toothpaste. The toothpaste which is used every morning to brush your teeth could be used to treat pimples as well. It’s always good to avoid the gel toothpaste and turn towards the white one. You could start off by applying some toothpaste on the affected skin area before you go to sleep at night. But you need to make sure to wash your face with water so that you could see for yourself whether there is an improvement or not. This process could be repeated during the day time as well. But you need to make sure the toothpaste remains on the face at least for a half hour.

Adhering to these steps might help you reduce the oiliness in your skin. If the oiliness starts to reduce this would mean that the oil which is produced in the body is becoming less.