Unlike any normal type of noodles that you eat, rice noodles seem to have taken the instant food world by storm. In contrary to the health risks that most instant foods bring to their consumers, rice noodles is known to be considerably nutritious and healthy for regular usage. Below are some of the nutritional values that can be obtained by eating rice noodles. If you have not yet given a shot at it, reading the below facts may even change your mind into becoming a regular rice noodles customer at your local super market.

Gluten from wheat

Have you heard of Gluten? If you haven’t, it is a protein which is usually known to be a protein that is found in wheat and is not necessarily something that can be considered to be friendly to your health. This is what helps the dough of bread to rise and is highly risky to be consumed by those who are diagnosed with celiac disease or is gluten sensitive. Therefore, as you may know, rice is known to be as a food which is gluten free and healthy; consuming rice noodles instead of the regular one which is made out of wheat flour is the healthiest way to survive.


If you are stepping into a supermarket to purchase your favourite noodles, why not direct your attention towards the choice of rice noodles? Do you know the requirement of protein and fibre for an average man per day? Are you aware of the ability of one cup of rice noodles to provide certain portions of these needs to both men and women? In summary, women receive seven and four percent of fibre and protein respectively through this while men receive three and five percent in the same pattern.


It may be Singapore flavours instant noodles India, as long as it is rice noodles, no matter the flavour, you will receive a portion of zinc that your body requires. As you may be already aware, Zinc is highly important for our immune system to function well. Therefore, consuming rice noodles will be a great choice as you will receive a considerable percentage of the required amount, as both men and women through this food.


Iron, as we all know is an important nutrient that is essential for your blood. As it is one of the most vital nutrients that helps produce red blood cells in your body, rice noodles will be a provider of iron for this cause.

What are you waiting for? The time for a positive change is required as you can change your meal course to rice noodles, away from the unhealthy food that you have been devouring in the past.